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Our company only serves clothing retail stores.

Due to the current situation, product deliveries may be delayed beyond normal and product shortages may occur.
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Our transactions are made through ePOSPaycenter by Piraeus Bank.

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Cards accepted: VISA, MasterCard.

The option of paying the order with a credit or debit or prepaid card, is completed on the site of Piraeus Bank, in a completely safe and controlled environment by the bank itself, in order to ensure the confidentiality of the transaction data. Your card details are in no way stored by FAST WHOLESALE systems.

Piraeus Bank provides our company with Verified-by-Visa and MasterCard Secure Code services, designed based on the 3D-Secure protocol. These services certify the holders of payment cards (credit, debit or prepaid cards), when they make transactions in our e-shop. With this extra level of security, 3D-Secure services further shield our business from transaction disputes and the risk they entail.

Payment authentication makes online shopping more secure for both shoppers and businesses by creating a secure e-commerce channel. The online certification process is instantaneous and is activated every time a Visa or MasterCard card is used in our e-Shop and precedes the application for approval of the card charge.

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